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About Last Night – Ruthie Knox

Thank you to Ruthie Knox for letting me read this prior to the release date!


This in some ways is a classic 2 opposites attract romance but… They aren’t really opposites but two very messed up people who by virtue of coming together manage to make each other whole and the best of themselves!

Mary Catherine (Cath) has a lot of issues to work thru due to her not so perfect childhood, first marriage, rebellious phase and in general screwed up life up until the point she finally meets City.

Neville.. huge sigh … As City he was wonderful but when he truly comes in to his own and out from under what he has allowed himself to become to appease his family… just sigh.. and drool… 

Like most romances you have moments when you really want to hurt both main characters but the journey they take is soooooooo worth it.

My hope is Ruthie will take a moment later to give us an epilogue or short story showing more about them as I would adore seeing them a few years down the road… 🙂

To buy this…  and really you must get this one….

About Last Night – Ruthie Knox

Shiloh Walker – New Urban Fiction Giveaway!!!

From an earlier post you know I loved her Grimm’s Circle series… Now she is running over to UF and is doing a giveaway!!!! 🙂 Much love to her!!! Oh and luck!!!

Check out Shiloh’s latest project…Blade Song. Enter to win a galley to review…and she’s giving away 50!
You can enter via her blog. You can tweet about it. And if you post about it to your blog, you get a couple of extra entries…
Kit Colbana—half breed, assassin, thief, jack of all trades—has a new job: track down the missing ward of one of the local alpha shapeshifters. It should be a piece of cake.
So why is she so nervous? It probably has something to do with the insanity that happens when you deal with shifters—especially sexy ones who come bearing promises of easy jobs and easier money.
Or maybe it’s all the other missing kids that Kit discovers while working the case, or the way her gut keeps screaming she’s gotten in over her head. Or maybe it’s because if she fails—she’s dead.
If she can stay just one step ahead, she should be okay. Maybe she’ll even live long to collect her fee…

Empty Wallet Syndrome and Rough Ride!

I’m going to start this post by saying I loved my first exposure to Keri Ford!!

Rough Ride, The Roughnecks #1 – 5 stars!

This was a quick read for me but I really enjoyed the main pairing along with the supporting characters.

Lane is a troubled soul that is carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders (Yummy as they are).  He is harboring a secret that he feels will drive a permanent wedge between him and his brothers.  This secret is revealed in the book but it also is brought out that this is not the only thing that has kept him from having the life he yearns for.  He also needs to be able to see that he is worthy of love and happiness. Thankfully he meets Gretchen…  She sees something in him other than the gruff exterior and of course yummy hotness that everyone else seems to notice.  She also has to let go of her past in order to move forward and become what she deserves.  This is a heartwarming story as both leads have things to work on in order to make this relationship work.  Gretchen figures herself out much faster than Lane but I did like that she pushed and pushed to get him to wake up but was willing to let him go rather than accept a 1/2 life with him.  She wanted it all or would live with nothing….

This was a hot steamy ready and like many others now I want pie!!

Empty wallet syndrome-

Thanks for the recommendation by Nikki Brandyberry – Ramblings From a Chaotic Mind

As much as I love recommendations from the folks I meet on twitter or GoodReads there are times when I curse them…  namely when I look at the statement from Amazon on how much I am spending to get these recommended reads…  This is commonly referred to as Empty Wallet Syndrome.  I tend to suffer from this a lot as I am a known book junkie and always up to picking up yet another book even though I may have a huge backlist still to read.  These innocent book pushers like to spread the misery (happiness) by pointing out how irresistible the next reads are so you must must go out and get them now. In the case above for Keri Ford I now have to go out and pick up the backlist and pre-order the next books just so I can see the other brothers’ stories and HEA.  Geez…  what do people think – I’m just made of money.

Kidding only kidding!!  đź™‚

Keri Ford also has a great blog/website and can be found at Keri Ford’s Official Website

Have fun and Happy Reading!!!

Musings and Recommendation – Double Down: Vegas Top Guns

At times I wonder where does time go and how does one make it go the way you want.

I had plans this weekend to be good and write up a post on a few of the odds and ends books I meant to read/review this weekend but…  somehow it is Monday and none of that got accomplished this weekend.  Is there some mysterious time suck that makes it go much much faster on the weekend and then drag during normal working hours during the week?  Or is it due to the fact that I have cats who have the normal feline way of getting you to sleep when they are nice and comfy on you in your chair/recliner/couch?

No answers here but I promise to have more reviews and commentary up tomorrow…

In the meantime – Read a really good ARC this past week which you should pre-order:

Double Down: Vegas Top Guns, Book 1 – 

Awesome first book to a series and I already have the other 2 on pre-order.

You will love the main pair and what they ultimately bring to both the relationship that develops and each other. Both have obstacles to overcome and watching them overcome their respective issues was heartwarming.

I will write a better bigger review when the release date gets closer but this is such a heartwarming book so go just buy it!!

I can’t wait until the next 2 come out so hurry up…  and if someone happens to inadvertently put the next 2 in the series out in my mailbox a little early I won’t complain at all…  đź™‚

Remember…  Read what you want…  don’t let anyone make you feel like what you read is unworthy or sick or otherwise bad for you.  Reading is meant to make you think….  relax…  and get away from the real world..  

Grimm’s Circle – Shiloh Walker

I know I know…  She’s going to tell you here is another series you have to go out and try.  Yeah..  Yeah…

The Grimm’s Circle series by Shiloh Walker is one of those series that just works for me…  You have an interesting take on the whole guardian angels phenomenon but you have a great take on why fairy tales and legends were created in these books.

Book 1 – Candy Houses – 4 stars

   In this book you are introduced to the Grimm and their purpose.  The main pair are Greta (Gretel) and Rip (van Winkle) with a quick view of Will.  Will’s story has not been written yet but he makes an appearance in all the books in the series.  This story was a quick read and the moments between Greta and Rip were awesome to watch.  Learning more behind why the story of Hansel and Gretel came about was a bit heartbreaking but I loved the spin on the classic fairy tales and legends as presented in this book.You also get to see the beginning of Mandy’s story and seeing her thru the books so far has been wonderful.

Book 2 – No Prince Charming – 4 stars

  The main pairing in this book are Elle (Cinderella) and Michael (Prince Charming).  This was a hard one as you also get to be introduced to Ren (Renfield from Dracula) who just makes you feel his pain in this HEA for the main pair.  You really need to read the next one though to get the whole picture of the pain.  The twist around the main pair’s history was hard to read but I loved getting to see how two people needed to let the past go to truly become alive.

Book 2.5 – I Thought It Was You – 3 stars

  A quick hot read between book 2 and 3 that ties up some loose ends for Ren, Michael and Elle.  Not an easy read unless you have read book 2 but needed to finish healing the main pair from book 2 and get Ren ready for his HEA in book 3.  This one isn’t for those who can’t stomach the idea of a couple allowing a 3rd in to the picture even for a moment.

Book 3 – Crazed Hearts – 4 stars

  I am not going to give this one away but Ren truly broke my heart in this one and I am very happy he got his HEA.  You also get Will and Mandy in this book and what Mandy does will make your heartbreak even though it was needed.  You also get glimpses of the other main pairs from the prior books which is a pleasant surprise.

Book 4 – Tarnished Knight – 5 stars – Pack Kleenex

  This one broke my heart many times as the main pair especially the female lead have a lot of angst and issues to work thru.  You also get glimpses of how Shiloh is setting up the future pairs and more views of Will and Mandy.   The main pair in this one are Perci (Rapunzel) and Jack.  You also get a view of her ex-husband, Luc, who was blinded and then became a Grimm.  Luc and Perci have been together for over 300 years but not out of anything other than guilt from both sides.  While once they were married they have been divorced for many many years but neither one has been able to sever the chains.  Perci stays out of guilt and misplaced love.  While I did like she was extremely loyal to Luc, I was happy to see Will force the situation to get her to see what she was doing to both of them was not fair.  This would have to be my favorite one of the series so far as I know it moved me with the whole letting go theme.  The HEA was very well deserved for the main pair.

Book 5 – Locked in Silence – 4 stars

  In some respects this is the most intriguing version of an old tale so far in her series.  The main pair is Vanya and Silence (Man in the Iron Mask).  I found this very interesting in how much pain he had to go thru but how willing he was to embrace her once he made his way out of his head.  This is another couple that I cannot do justice to in a review but would probably list as my second favorite pair thus far in the series.  What both of them had to face in order to make their HEA possible was hard yet wonderful to read.

Book 6 – Grimm Tidings – Copy provided to me by Shiloh Walker did not influence my review – 5 stars

  This is probably the book where the closest story to real person match occurs.  The main pair is Jacob (Jacob Marley from Dickens) and Celine who are thrust together by, matchmaker to the Grimm, Will.  Jacob is forced to take Celine under his wing as a trainee since she has burned thru others during her 4 years as a Grimm.  Her story is understandable as guilt is holding her to a life that might have been rather than letting her face her true future.  That being said her change to a Grimm was not a normal path and as such you can understand why she fights so hard.  I liked watching the pair come to realize how much they truly needed each other but I also liked that Jacob was patient to a point with her.

Overall I would highly recommend this series and hope you will give it a try.

Now if Shiloh would just hurry up and get me more of them I’d be a happy person!!

Future pairings???  Not gonna go there but if you read them there are a couple that are already out there that I am looking forward to seeing come to fruition….

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